2nd International BIOECON workshop on
Trade mechanisms for biodiversity conservation

Tilburg ( Netherlands ), 5-6 September 2002


Thursday September 5

Opening workshop (Aart de Zeeuw), introduction

"Trade measures and endangered species"

"Maritime Trade and Migratory Species Management to Protect Biodiversity Amongst Trading Countries"

Barbier & Damania:
"Lobbying, Trade and Resource conversion"

Heyes & Maxwell:
"Private vs Public Regulation: The Political Economy of International Environmental Protection"

Van Kooten, Nelson & Vertinski:
"Certification of Sustainable Forest Management Practices: A Global Perspective on why Countries Certify"

"Trade, Sustainable Resource Use, Biodiversity, and Eco-Labeling"

Fischer: "The complex interaction of Markets for endangered species products"

Batabyal & Beladi:
"A Differential Game Theoretic Analysis of International Trade in Renewable Resources"

"International Capital Movements and the Exploitation of Renewable Resources"

Friday September 6

Bulte & Damania:
"Trade in a Shared Renewable Resource"

Goeschl, Groom, Swanson & Wurzbacher:
"Trade in Genetic Resources: Property Rights Regimes and the North-South Divide"

Margolis & Shogren:
"Inspection costs as pseudo-tariff to reduce exotic species risks"

McAusland & Costello:
"Avoiding Invasives: Trade related policies for controlling unintentional exotic species introductions"

Burgess & Barbier:
"Biodiversity Impacts of Trade With Land Use Interactions and Forest Conversion"

Smulders, van Soest & Withagen:
"International Trade, Species Diversity and Habitat Conservation"

Polasky, Costello & McAusland:
"Trade, Landuse and Biological Diversity"

Martin-Herran, Cartigny, Motte and Tidball:
"Deforestation and Foreign Transfers: A Differential Game Approach"

Markus Lehmann:
"Biodiversity and Trade - lessons learnt and open questions from a policy perspective"


This workshop was sponsored by :

GLOBUS - Institute for Globalization and Sustainable Development (Tilburg University)

NWO - The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research