Founding partners

IHEID Center for International Environmental Studies (CIES)

The CIES is part of the The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies which offers graduate programmes in each of the fields mentioned above, as well as graduate study in international studies and development studies.

The Center was established in 2010 for the purpose of developing political, legal and economic discourse on problems related to the global environment. It is dedicated to the better understanding of the social, economic and political facets of global problems related to the environment.

The Centre operates through regular activities, such as public lectures, (the Geneva Dialogues), Workshops and Symposia on international environmental issues, and Seminars within the fields of political science, economics and law – looking at problems related to the environment. CIES researchers also conduct ongoing research projects and programmes. Current programmes cover the following areas of research: climate change, biodiversity, water, security, institutions and development.

Contact: prof. Timothy M. Swanson

CURRENT PROJECTS Start Date End Date Description or URL
REFGOV – traditional knowledge in R&D 2008 2011 A FP6 project on the role of indigenous knowledge in the generation of solutions to life science problems. The project also investigated the way in which legal system interact in the regulation of society and resources, in the context of a case study on Papua New Guinea legal pluralism.
Governance Entrepreneurs. International Organizations and Public-Private Partnerships 2011 2013 This project seeks to document and explain the rise of global public-private partnerships in the multilateral system and their impact on global governance objectives. It highlights the critical role of international organizations (IOs) as entrepreneurs rather than just takers of institutional change and contributes to the study of international organizations and change in global governance.
Food Security and Biodiversity Fall
- A FP7 project looking at the issues dealing with food security, genetic resources and biodiversity conservation. The focus of the Graduate Institute's part of the proposal is on genetic resources, R&D and food security.
Governance of Biodiversity in China: Xinjiang Case Study Summer
A Green Development Mechanism Nov.