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Cambridge University Department of Land Economy
University of Cambridge

The Department of Land Economy is a leading international centre, providing a full programme of taught courses within an intensive, research-oriented environment. It was ranked first amongst universities submitting to the Town and Country Planning Panel in the recent Research Assessment Exercise. Land Economy considers the role and use of land, real estate and environment within an economy. It applies particularly the disciplines of economics, law and planning for the analysis of the governance of land use, urban areas and interactions with other environmental resources. he Department addresses contemporary problems as well as more fundamental analysis. This includes both the role of governments in establishing regulatory frameworks within which land and related markets operate and the role of private organisations in owning, managing and developing physical and financial assets within those markets. This combination gives the Department of Land Economy a unique and valuable perspective of critical public and private issues. The Department currently has over 40 teaching and research staff and approximately 320 students. We have a three year undergraduate course and a postgraduate programme that offers both instructional and research based MPhils, as well as a three-year PhD. Research within the Department falls into one of our two research groups, namely Real Estate and Urban Analysis and Environmental Economy and Policy. 

Contact: dr. Andreas Kontoleon

CURRENT PROJECTS Start Date End Date Description
Assessing livelihood and conservation impacts of biodiversity conservation programme 2010 2013 -
Payment for Agrobiodiversity Conservation Services project 2009 2011 The project assesses the ability of “payment for agrobiodiversity conservation services” schemes to permit the “capture” of public conservation values at the farmer level, thereby creating incentives for the conservation of agrobiodiversity and supporting poverty alleviation