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York_logo University of York, Environment Department

The Environment Department was launched in 1992 to design and implement an interdisciplinary programme of research and teaching in environmental economics and environmental management at the University of York, and subsequently expanded to incorporate environmental science and geography. Research is highly interdisciplinary across the natural and social sciences, and is organised in three clusters: Earth Systems and Environmental Change; Ecosystem and Society and Health of the Environment.

Contact: dr. Julia Touza

CURRENT PROJECT Start Date End Date URL / Description
NERC Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Sustainability (BESS) Directorate 2011 2017
Modelling endogenous control of risk on natural resource management 2013 2016 Modelling endogenousForest planning activities involve large areas, different types of ownership and a long-term. This project explores how the risk of a catastrophic event such as a forest fire, can be internalized in the optimization dynamics of the economic returns from the forest. Assessment of optimal harvesting policies are characterised using age-structured bioeconomic models.