Issue no. 14 - Spring 2018




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XX Annual BIOECON Conference on  Land-use, Agriculture and Biodiversity:  Spatial and Temporal Issues 

Cambridge, United Kingdom, 12 - 14 September 2018

This year our conference focuses on agriculture, the conservation of biodiversity and crop genetic diversity, and the use of spatial data to study these issues. 
Submission deadline is  28 May 2018    
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Frontiers of research on carbon markets: theory and evidence for policy 

Gothenburg, Sweden, 25 June 2018

A WCERE pre-congress event, organised by the Grantham Research Institute, which will bring together top academics and policymakers to map and explore the frontiers of research on carbon markets and their implications for policy 
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> Israel National Ecosystem Assessment (I-NEA)

I-NEA is a national project to assess  and quantify the value of the services that Israeli society receives from open landscapes  > more

> Economic valuation of marine ecosystem services in the Mediterranean 
An economic valuation and spatial mapping of coastal and marine ecosystem services within the Israeli Mediterranean  >> more


From BTU

Economics of climate adaptation for biodiversity conservation (Ecoclimb) 
This new project will  develop exemplarily novel dynamic ecological-economic models to analyse three key conservation policy instruments – incentive payments, offsets and land purchase – in terms of ecological effectiveness and cost-effectiveness in a changing climate taking into account the options enabling migration of species to new climate space and providing climate refugia. >> more



CO-designing the Assessment of Climate CHange costs (COACCH) 
The project aims to develop and enhance climate services by drawing upon the  projections and projections developed under the Copernicus Climate Change Services   >> more 


Blue Growth

Within  this European long term strategy to support sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors as a whole , CMCC has developed several related services in the framework of its Ocean Lab activities and projects    >> more 


From LSE

The Palm Oil Concession Moratorium and its Spatial Impact on Deforestation

This project aims to analyse the effectiveness of the 2011 Moratorium on Palm Oil, Timber and Logging concessions, issued by then Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in compliance to the REDD+ agreement reached by Norway and Indonesia in May 2010

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From University of Southern Denmark

Mereconomics - a blog on on Environmental and Resource Economics

The MERE research group, which is part of Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics of University of Southern Denmark,  invites you to follow its blog   >> more


   >> selected publications


The nature of natural capital and ecosystem incomeEli P.Fenichel, Joshua K.Abbott, Seong DoYun, Elsevier Handbook of Environmental Economics, 2018


Arctic Marine Resource Governance and Development, eds. N. Vestergaard, B.A. Kaiser, L. Fernandez, and J. Nymand-Larsen, Springer 2018


From principles to practice in paying for nature’s services, Wunder, S., Brouwer, R., Engel, S., Ezzine-de-Blas, D., Muradian, R., Pascual, U., Pinto, R. 2018. . Nature Sustainability, March 2018


 Healing Brazil’s Blue Amazon: The role of knowledge networks in nurturing cross-scale transformations at the frontlines of ocean sustainability, Gerhardinger, L. C.; Gorris, P.; Gonçalves, L. R.; Herbst, D. F.; Vila-Nova, D. A.; Carvalho, F. G. de; Glaser, M.; Zondervan, R.; Glavovic, B. (2018). Frontiers in Marine Science 4:395. doi:10.3389/fmars.2017.00395.


A Case for the Commons: The Snow Crab in the Barents, Kaiser, B.A.; Kourantidou, M; and Fernandez, L. 2018. Journal of Environmental Management 210: 338-348



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PhD Candidate in Economics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Deadline: 25 May


Fully-funded PhD opportunity in environmental/agricultural economics at the University of Glasgow, Scotland

Thinking forward through the past: Linking science, social science and the humanities to inform the sustainable reduction of endemic disease in British livestock farming

Deadline: 20 May