10th International BIOECON Conference on
"The Effectiveness and Efficiency of Biodiversity Conservation Instruments"

Sidney Sussex College Cambridge
September 28-30, 2008


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8:00-9:00 Breakfast

8:30-9:00 Late Registration at Conference Office

9:00-9:05 Welcome

9:05-10:05 Keynote address
Moderator: Daan van Soest
Room: Mong Hall

Prof. JunJie Wu
Targeting Payments for Ecosystem Services

10:05-10:45 Parallel Sessions

Session 1
Evolutionary appraoches

Moderator: van Soest
Room: Mong Hall

The economic repercussions of fisheries-induced evolution
Anne Maria Eikeset
Discussant: van Soest

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Session 2
Crop diversity

Moderator: Paulo Nunes
Room: The Old Library

Agro-ecosystem productivity in developing countries: the economics of crop biodiversity in the highlands of Ethiopia
Salvatore Di Falco
Discussant: Paulo Nunes

Session 3
Moderator: Martin Quaas
Room: Garden Court

Intellectual property rights and North-South hold-up problem in sequential R&D
Mare Sarr
Discussant: Martin Quaas

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10:45-11:10 Coffee and refreshments

11:10-12:30 Parallel Sessions

Session 4

Evolutionary approaches

Moderator: Eric Naevdal
Room: Mong Hall

The evolution of social norms for renewable resource exploitation
Andries Richter
Discussant: Eric Neavdal

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Animal rationality and implications for resource management – the case of biological reserves for moose and pine
Eric Naevdal
Discussant: Andries Richter

Session 5
Optimal conservation

Moderator: Quaas
Room: The Old Library

Efficient biodiversity management through shadow price evaluation: on in­­struments of landscape design, farmers’ supply and citizens’ demand
Ernst-August Nuppenau
Discussant: Martin Quaas

Sushi or fish fingers - preferences for diversity and the sustainability of fisheries
Martin Quaas
Discussant: Ernst-August Nuppenau

Session 6
Genetic diversity

Moderator: Elisabetta Gotor
Room: Garden Court

Potentials of green consumerism for landrace conservation: evidence from eggplant production sector of India
Unai Pascual
Discussant: Elisabetta Gotor

Field coffee collections at risk: can cryopreservation help to ensure their long term security?
Elisabetta Gotor
Discussant: Unai Pascual

12:30-14:00 Lunch & Coffee (College Hall)

14:00-15:20 Parallel Sessions

Session 7

Moderator: Julia Touza
Room: Mong Hall

Economic interdependency through interconnected species exploitation
Wenting Chen
Discussant: Julia Touza

Coping with spatial structure in the collaborative management of a mobile ecological resource
Julia Touza
Discussant: Wenting Chen

Session 8
Ecosystem assessment

Moderator: Helen Ding
Room: The Old Library

Orientation on the mapping of biodiversity values: a plural perspective
Elena Ojea
Discussant: Helen Ding

An environmental economics outlook of the climate change impact on forest ecosystem goods and services biodiversity on human wellbeing: results from a MEA application to Europe
Helen Ding
Discussant: Elena Ojea

Session 9

Moderator: Markus Groth
Room: Garden Court

Applying competitive tenders for the provision of ecosystem services at the landscape scale
Stuart Whitten
Discussant: Markus Groth

Private ex-ante transaction costs for repeated biodiversity conservation auctions: a case study
Markus Groth
Discussant: Stuart Whitten

15:20-15:40 Coffee and refreshments

15:40-17:00 Parallel Sessions

Session 10
Social Norms

Moderator: Jan Stoop
Room: Mong Hall

Local common property exploitation with rewards
Anne Borge Johannesen
Discussant: Jan Stoop

A tale of two carrots: the effectiveness of multiple reward stages in a common pool resource game
Jan Stoop
Discussant: Anne Borge Johannesen

Session 11

Moderator: Helge Berglann
Room: The Old Library

Payments for ecosystem services and motivation in the context of illegal behaviours; opportunities for biodiversity conservation or perverse incentives?
Matthew Sommerville
Discussant: Helge Berglann

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Quantity control and optimal response to non-compliance
Helge Berglann
Discussant: Matthew Sommeville

Session 12
Ecosystem assessment

Moderator: JM Salles
Room: Garden Court

Long run outcomes of conservation expenditures: watershed destruction, rehabilitation and protection in Hawaii
Brooks Kaiser
Discussant: Vanja Westerberg

Eliciting Biodiversity and Landscape Trade-off in Landscape Projects: Pilot Study in the Anciens Marais des Baux, Provence, France
Vanja Westerberg
Discussant: Brooks Kaiser

17:00-18:30 Policy Round Table
Payment for Ecosystem Services
Moderator: Andreas Kontoleon
Room: Mong Hall

18:30-20:00 Free programme

18:30-19:00 BioEcon Partners Meeting (by invitation)

19:30-20:00 Drinks at Cloister Court

20:00-22:00 Conference Banquet (College Hall)



7:30-8:30 Breakfast

8:00-8:30 Check out – return keys and store suitcases at Conference Office

8:30-9:50 Parallel Sessions

Session 13

Moderator: Stuart Whitten
Room: Mong Hall

Testing for scope and scale efficiencies in water quality tenders: a north Queensland case study.
John Rolfe
Discussant: Stuart Whitten

Designing and testing an outcome focused conservation auction: evidence from a field trial targeting ground nesting birds
Stuart Whitten
Discussant: Markus Groth

Session 14
Protected areas

Moderator: Martin Drechsler
Room: The Old Library

Location affects protection: observable characteristics drive park impacts in Costa Rica
Alex Pfaff
Discussant: Martin Drechsler

Stay by thy neighbor? Structure formation, coordination and costs in tradable permit markets with spatial trading rules
Martin Drechsler
Discussant: Alex Pfaff

Session 15
Contingent Valuation

Moderator: Maria Loureiro
Room: Garden Court

Consumers versus non-consumers' benefits from recovering an overexploited fish stock
Elena Ojea
Discussant: Y. Koundouris

Economic valuation of environmental damages caused by the Prestige Oil Spill
Maria Loureiro
Discussant: Giulia Macagno

9:50-10:10 Coffee and refreshments

10:10-11:30 Parallel Sessions

Session 16
Impact assessment

Moderator: Katrina Mullan
Room: Mong Hall

Deforestation impacts of environmental services payments: the evolution (2000-2005) of the Costa Rican PSA program
Alex Pfaff
Discussant: Katrina Mullan

An evaluation of the impact of the Natural Forest Protection Programme on rural household livelihoods
Katrina Mullan
Discussant: Alex Pfaff

Session 17
Species conservation

Moderator: Timo Goeschl
Room: The Old Library

State and not-for-profit delivery of species conservation. Cost utility analysis of multiple-species projects

Ross Cullen
Discussant: Timo Goeschl

Optimal conservation, extinction debt, and the augmented quasi-option value
Timo Goeschl
Discussant: Ross Cullen

Session 18

Moderator: Giulia Macagno
Room: Mong Hall

A meta-analysis of international ecotourism recreation values
Eric Ling
Discussant: Giulia Macagno

[To be added]

Assessing the impact of biodiversity on tourism flows: a case study from Ireland
Giulia Macagno
Discussant: Eric Ling

11:30-12:30 Keynote address
Moderator: Bulte
Room: Mong Hall

Dr. Ian Bateman
Title: Valuing X (when X is unknown)


12:30-14:00 Lunch & Coffee (College Hall)

14:00-15:20 Parallel Sessions

Session 19
Effectiveness of conservation rules
Moderator: Aidan Keane
Room: Garden Court

Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of yellow-eyed penguin recovery
Jonah Busch
Discussant: Aidan Keane

How do avoidance behaviours, monitor ‘cheating’ and individual heterogeneity affect individual incentives to comply with conservation rules?
Aidan Keane
Discussant: Jonah Busch

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Session 20
Habitat fragmentation

Moderator: Simanti Banerjee
Room: The Old Library

An agglomeration payment for cost-effective biodiversity conservation in spatially structured landscapes
Frank Wätzolt
Discussant: Simanti Banerjee

Incentive mechanisms for spatially contiguous habitat management: the agglomeration bonus in the presence of technological externalities in different neighbourhoods
Simanti Banerjee
Discussant: Frank Wätzolt

Session 21
Risk management

Moderator: Martin Quaas
Room: Garden Court

The optimal management of wetlands: quantifying trade-offs between flood risks, recreation and biodiversity conservation
Yiannis Kountouris
Discussant: Martin Quaas

Managing increasing environmental risks through agro-biodiversity and agri-environmental policies
Martin Quaas
Discussant: Yiannis Kountouris

15:20-15:30 Coffee and refreshments

15:30-16:50 Parallel Sessions

Session 22
Optimal conservation

Moderator: Rick Horan
Room: Mong Hall

A meta-analysis of forest management programs: What Management Alternatives are Most Preferable?
Melina Barrio
Discussant: Rick Horan

Indirect management of invasive species through bio-controls: a bioeconomic model of salmon and alewife in Lake Michigan
Rick Horan
Discussant: Melina Barrio

Session 23
Fisheries management

Moderator: Anne Maria Eikeset
Room: The Old Library

Framing and training to reduce starting point bias in choice experiments
Rolf Groeneveld
Discussant: Maria Loureiro

Session 24
Water resources

Moderator: Jeff Bennett
Room: Garden Court

An optimal pricing approach for the control of EU urban pollution: implementation of the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive
Jihad Elnaboulsi
Discussant: Jeff Bennett

Estimating household water demand using Revealed and contingent behaviors: evidence from Viet Nam
Jeff Bennett
Discussant: Jihad Elnaboulsi